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Embryo Shield
Is it safe for IVF ? It is %100 safe for IVF.
What is the size of Hepa pinhole ? 0,10 micron HEPA
Is Hepa approved by FDA ? HEPA is approved by FDA.
Can it sterile CO2N2 gases ? Embryo Shield, the sterile CO2, N2 gases
Is Surface area of HEPA big enough to prevent pinholes flourish even under heavy preasure ? Hepa has 3 to 5 times bigger surface area.
Which active carbon have been used? Coal bases/ Coconut bases ? Coconut based active carbon.
Is active carbon being washed by steril ultra pure water for medical use ? Coconut based active carbon is being washed 6 times with pure steril water.
Does it have enough active carbon for long-lasting usage ? It has 26 cm body for long lasting usage.
Does it have femalemale connectors for easy installation through the right direction ? It has femalemale connectors to prevent mistakes at set up.
Do glueslicone being used when filters being produced ? Sliconeglue never being used in any part of the production.