The firstonly amoung the World 0,10 micron unique performance HEPA Filter.

Contains Coconut active carbon and an internal HEPA filter that is three times bigger than other inline filters.

Coconut activated carbon is washed 6 times repeatedly with sterile water to offer greater VOC and particle absorption than standard inline filters.

Female-male link connections in order to prevent misuse.

No adhesive or chemical materials are used in the production process ensuring safety for medical use.

Eliminates more particles – the internal HEPA filter space has diameter of 0.1µm. 85% of particles in gas are less than 0.3µm in size.

Life Time: 6 Months

Embryo Shield is an inline filter which is installed between the CO2N2 gas lines. It filtrates VOCCAC existing in CO2N2 gases thanks to the coconut active carbons in it.
Coconut active carbon enables 20 times more efficient VOCCAC absorption relatively coal based active carbon. Filters including coal based active carbon cannot provide sufficient absorption. Embryo Shield includes more amount of coconut active carbon thanks to it is 26cm body. It provides purification of CO2N2.
Active carbons are exposed to undesirable gases during production. This situation decreases the amount of absorbent of active carbon. Active carbon producers does not have clean room areas. Active carbons are exposed to high amount of particles due to the conditions of the environment they are being produced. Other inline filters are not subjected to active carbon purificationwashing process while production. Embryo Shield is being washed 6 times with sterile ultra-pure waterbecame purified. It becomes appropriate for medical use. It does more absorptionbecomes safer. It enables purification of CO2N2 gases. It is the firstthe only product with this feature among the World.
85% of the particles in environment are 0.30 micronsmaller. This has been proven with number of researches has been carried out by the entities of the universities that focus on air pollution. Particles accompanies CO2N2 while tubs are being filled. Since the other inline filters have 0.30 micron Hepa pinholes, 85% of the particles exudereach out embryos which results it contamination. Thanks to its’ the firstthe only FDA approved 0.10 micron Hepa filter it eliminates all of the particlesprovides the sterilization of CO2N2 gases.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe for IVF ? It is %100 safe for IVF.
What is the size of Hepa pinhole ? 0,10 micron HEPA
Is Hepa approved by FDA ? HEPA is approved by FDA.
Can it sterile CO2N2 gases ? Embryo Shield, the sterile CO2, N2 gases.
Is Surface area of HEPA big enough to prevent pinholes flourish even under heavy preasure ? Hepa has 3 to 5 times bigger surface area.
Which active carbon have been used? Coal bases/ Coconut bases ? Coconut based active carbon.
Is active carbon being washed by steril ultra pure water for medical use ? Coconut based active carbon is being washed 6 times with pure steril water.
Does it have enough active carbon for long-lasting usage ? It has 26 cm body for long lasting usage.
Does it have femalemale connectors for easy installation through the right direction ? It has femalemale connectors to prevent mistakes at set up.
Do glueslicone being used when filters being produced ? Sliconeglue never being used in any part of the production.